Hmmmm…let’s see…I guess the most important thing you should know is that I’m probably the most random person you’ll ever meet. I think it’s because I’m a writer. It’s made it so that I can see the potential in just about anything. It makes certain things difficult though–I’m admittedly terrible at making decisions haha. However, overall I’d definitely say that it is a gift I couldn’t live without. I prefer to see the world as a blank canvas waiting for us to make of it what we will. For me, this means everything is a story waiting to happen. For you, as the saying goes, it means be careful or you’ll end up in my book… 😉

So, random things I love…

My three wonderful nieces.  The smell of rain.  Toe socks.  Pens!!  Board games.  Sharks. Cheesy Creature features.  Inventing crazy nicknames for everyone I know.  Trivia.  Long-Distance Wine Clubs.  Star Trek.  Bucket List adventures!  DISNEYLAND!  Snow.  Hiking in the redwoods.  Books.  Dexter.  Science experiments.  Anything nerdy for that matter. Cooking.  Christmas!  Family gatherings where everyone gets tipsy and laughs about the skeletons in their closets.

And, of course, my dog Sadie. She’s a furry human 🙂


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