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143 Days left until the Zombie Apocalypse…

On the way out of work today, a friend of mine was jealous because I had an apricot.  I totally get why too.  Fruit doesn’t really stay in season for very long here.  I swear that kiwi has a season of about a week.  Mangoes?  Maybe one day per year…if we are lucky.  I think that’s one of the things I miss the most about California.  We used to laugh all the time when recipes would talk about switching out fruits if one wasn’t in season.  Seasons?  Really?  What are those?  We had no clue.  If you wanted watermelon in December?  No problem.  Guava in January?  Sure thing.  Admittedly, there were different times of the year when fruits would be especially good.  But they were never really terrible at any time of the year.  The second day after we had moved in, I became painfully aware that that would not be the case here in Mississippi.  I was shopping at out local Kroger.  I wanted to make a mango-jicama-chicken salad.  So I asked an employee if he knew when they would be getting more mangoes.  He didn’t know what they are!!  I tried to describe it to him…he insisted I was talking about watermelon!!  I knew that there wasn’t a chance on Earth that he would know what jicama is.  I think I became immediately resigned to a life with only a limited selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.  So when I went home in June, I knew that I definitely needed to experience fresh fruit once again.  For today’s edition of the “30 Things I’ve Done Before the Age of 30”, I’d like to share with you what we did to make fruit a fresh experience…

Why yes, I AM the Cherry Queen 😉

We had always heard about people going to pick cherries at farms in Brentwood, CA.  However, we were also always really lazy.  Who wants to pick fruit when someone else can do it for you, right?  This time we decided we could put forth the effort to see what it would be like.  Plus, we figured it would be a really fun experience for my nieces.

It’s really neat how they set it up.  You go to one of the farms and they give you a bucket to go around and pick as many cherries as you want.  You pay per pound and the only requirement is that you pick at least five pounds of cherries.  They even provide you with a ladder if you’re brave enough to use one to reach the cherries that are higher up in the tree.

At first, we decided not to use one.  There were tons of cherries low in the trees so you didn’t really have to.  I thought it was pretty awesome that even my nieces could just walk up to the trees and pick cherries straight off of them.  They didn’t need to be lifted up and they didn’t need a ladder.  This was probably a good thing since they were terrified to death the one time my dad tried to lift them into the trees haha…In any case, they didn’t have to be up in the trees which worked out really well for everyone involved.

Cherry-Picking Champions =)

They were absolutely adorable with them too!  They wanted to try different ones and kept making up reasons to get to eat them:

“I want to taste the red one”…

“I want to taste the dark red one”…

“I want to taste the double cherry”…

Love this =)

Well, you get the picture.  It was particularly cute because I think that they genuinely thought they were being sneaky about wanting to just eat them all.  I couldn’t blame them for it though since I wanted to eat them all too. Even my youngest niece wanted to eat them!  At one point, I was talking to her and she wouldn’t pay attention to me.  I looked to where she was looking and her eyes were riveted on the cherries in the tree next to us.  She had her fingers in her mouth too.  It was like she was sucking all traces of the juice from underneath her nails.  Too freaking cute!!

My father so belongs in the trees!!

My dad was equally adorable with the cherries.  I honestly think he would have stayed there forever if he could.  Eventually, he decided we needed to try the cherries that were higher in the trees.  We all decided that he should be the one to climb the ladder first since we aren’t very brave.  He made it look like so much fun though and I ended up having to try it for myself.  It was pretty darn amazing, and I could totally see why he had a constant smile on his face when he was in the trees…

Our Loot =)

It was a really fantastic day trip and I’m glad we got to share it with the little girls and with each other.  We came away with 11 pounds of cherries–mostly on accident since we couldn’t decide how much five pounds was.  More importantly, we came away with a deeper understanding of how to see the world through a child’s eyes.  It’s pretty simple really.  You just have to open yourself up to enjoying the simple things like picking fruit from a tree.  Von Goethe had it mostly correct when he said, “One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste”.  I’d amend that to say, “One must see as children see in order to taste the world”…

Sincerely Yours,

The Butcher of the Bard

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