Walk in the Rain

“What a glorious feeling, [he’s] happy again.”

144 Days left until the Zombie Apocalypse…

The really awesome thing about moving to Mississippi is all of the thunderstorms we get.  They happen all year long and not just at random.  Plus, they’re absolutely stunning.  We get purple lightning and thunder that you can feel shaking in your bones.  What I don’t really appreciate is that we have to have horrible heat and humidity before those storms come.  Ugh.  It’s crazy hot here today…again!! I had planned on taking the dogs for a little jaunt, but it’s just so horrendous out there that I know it isn’t going to happen.  Nope.  I’m staying home.  It’s far better to sit in the house and pray that the “couple of thunderstorms” they have in the forecast for tomorrow really do come–and that they’re strong enough to stuck some of that awful humidity out of the air.  Although, if I spend too much time looking at the forecast, it’ll just stress me out.  It’s never a good sign when the 10-Day Forecast has multiple days that say “Extremely Hot”.  Shoot me now.  In any case, it’s probably better for me to just sit here and pretend that it’s storming outside right now.  So, for the sake of my own sanity, today’s edition of the “30 Things I’ve Done Before the Age of 30” is going to be about one of my favorite thunderstorm memories…

Natural Bridge =)

During summer shutdown this year, we decided that our week of vacation would provide the perfect opportunity to explore this part of the country a little bit more.  We have lived here for almost two years, and there is still so much that we haven’t seen or done.  So we decided to take a day trip up to Natural Bridge Park in Alabama.  It is the longest rock arch east of the Rockies and is held up by iron ore veins running through the sandstone.  It’s a 200 million year old art project from Mother Nature.  Since we are almost as nerdy about rocks as we are about trees, we thought it was at least worth checking out.  Once we figured out that the park also has a nature trail and all kinds of fabulous trees, we knew we would be hooked for sure.

We absolutely loved it.  There were all kinds of sneaky little creatures roaming around in the fallen leaves of the forest floor.  These were two of my favorites…

Too cute!


He’s just hanging out =)

There were also all kinds of really interesting growths in the woods like this…

So pretty =)

…and this…

I think that was my favorite shot of the day…it’s…different =)

Of course, any park known for its rocks has fabulous rock formations like this…

The underside of the Natural Bridge

…and this one…


We also discovered a really adorable little trickling waterfall.  The creek was maybe only half an inch deep or so and it only fell for inches at a time, from rock to rock.  It was the kind that you can’t help but love…

Streaming through the cracks

It was definitely worth using the trusty walking stick they loaned me to climb to the top and stand in that little stream…

I so need a walking stick of my own =)

Anyway, it was a splendid trip until that point…and then we heard the first rumblings of thunder in the distance.  We weren’t really worried–we have thunder here all the time and it doesn’t always turn into anything productive.  So we kept right on hiking–we still had to see the bridge after all!

Look at all of that massive rock!!

I’m glad we did too!  The Natural Bridge was really incredible.  For one thing, it was just a really, really interesting formation.  The arch has this sloping quality to it that was completely lovely.  It was definitely a work of art.  For another, I had just started reading 127 Hours on the drive up.  Knowing how little is truly supporting thousands of pounds of archway above your head is always interesting when you have been reading about what happens when it shifts.  It gives you a new appreciation for how fragile and vulnerable we are.

Rain!! =)

Most importantly, it put us into a really great place to be caught outside in a thunderstorm!  As we stood under the bridge, the thunder became more frequent and soon we were able to see flashes of lightning too.  Before we knew it, the rain was pouring down and drenching the forest all around us.  Yet we stayed dry.  We sat on a bench beneath the Natural Bridge for thirty minutes, just taking in the storm: The deep rumbling of the skies, white lightning dancing through the clouds, and, of course, the musty smell of rain as it cleansed everything around us.  Eventually, we realized that the storm wasn’t going to stop.  So we set off for the car and hiked the rest of the way back in the rain.  We are definitely the sort of people who Roger Miller describes: “While [we] walk in the rain, others just get wet”.  It was a really, really awesome experience that I definitely wouldn’t mind repeating =)

Sincerely Yours,

The Butcher of the Bard

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