Only Clear Through the Search

Call me crazy, but I think this absolutely adorable =)

150 Days left until the Zombie Apocalypse…
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think the little things in life are the ones that are truly important.  I also think that they are the ones we need the biggest reminders to appreciate.  It’s easy to forget about them.  They don’t come in kicking and screaming.  They aren’t really anything all that special in and of themselves.  However, that is also what makes them special if we allow it to happen.  Those simple little everyday occurrences are the ones that can leave the biggest impressions on our lives.  Should the world end, I also think that they are the most important ones for us to focus on.  Don’t get me wrong, the big stunts we pull aren’t something that we can live without either.  Those moments when we are doing something crazy–like jumping out of an airplane or swimming with sharks–are the moments that test us.  They show us how far we can go and what we are capable of.  In a way, they are our way of proving ourselves worthy.  However, the little, random moments in our lives are the ones that actually define who we are.  If the world ends, they’re probably the ones that we would consider the most sacred too.  We would want them to be preserved for everyone to see.  Thus, for today’s entry of the “30 Things I’ve Done Before the Age of 30”, I wanted to share one of those little memories with you…
So, one of  my very favorite things I’ve ever done is have an epic paint war with my sister.  Nope, not kidding.  It was totally awesome!  Growing up, painting our walls was ALWAYS a blast anyway.  We rented our house and the landlord didn’t care about things like that.  Thus, we were allowed to paint the walls whatever crazy color we felt like painting them.  Originally, we stuck to pretty tame colors–pastel pink for me and baby blue for my sister.  They weren’t anything overly dramatic.  It was kind of a test of the landlord’s patience I guess.  We really shouldn’t have bothered–the house had the craziest walls to begin with.  We should have known he didn’t care about things like that!  We had everything from this crazy bambooish wallpaper that shredded to 50’s florals.  My very favorite wallpaper was this hideous, pale yellow color with really fantastic, shiny, silver trees.  I so wanted the whole house wallpapered in it.  It was like having thousands of tiny fun house mirrors everywhere.  In any case, I didn’t get what I wanted and we settled on paint.
As the years passed, those pale colors didn’t hold up so well.  Tracy, CA is a very dirty, dusty little town.  That definitely took its toll on our walls.  They started to look very dingy and faded.  Plus, my younger brother was getting to be old enough that the boring white walls in his room weren’t cutting it anymore.  Thus, we got to paint again…and this time, we weren’t anywhere near as conservative in our choices.  My sister chose this lime-greenish color.  It was actually pretty awful, but at the time it was all the rage.  It was pretty darn epic.  I went the girly route and painted mine crayon purple.  I even went and mixed up a bunch of old paints to make this really bizarre shade of mauve to paint all the baseboards and the windowsills.  It was darn ugly…but I loved it anyway.  As loud as our walls were though, they didn’t even compare to the Baby Bop green that my brother chose for his.
There is no other green in the world quite like it.  I think it may be my very favorite paint in the world.  It was the kind of green you knew would require like twenty thousand coats to cover it up again if you ever decided you didn’t like it.  It was also a color that we knew would never fade on its own.  In short, it was perfect for a little kid’s room.  It also ended up being perfect on us…
I don’t really remember who started it or why we thought it would be a good idea, but it was outrageously fun!  Swiping our fingers across the wet paint brushes, we speckled each other’s clothes.  That wasn’t enough though.  We needed more!  So we started dipping the brushes in the cans and flinging paint at each other before it could run off of the brushes.  It still wasn’t enough though!  WE NEEDED MORE!!  Logically, the only solution was to paint each other.  We dipped the brushes in the can once more and painted each other’s faces, clothes, and hair.  It was a disastrous, glorious mess.  I had green flecks in my blonde hair for days afterwards.  I’m still not quite sure how I manged to eventually get all of it out.  It was also one of the times in my life when I’ve laughed the hardest.  It was incredible and exhilarating.


I love to tell people that story.  It’s such a simple thing, but it’s one of my favorite childhood memories regardless.  A lot of people don’t get why.  They look at me like I’ve gone mental.  I don’t really have much to say in my defense except to quote Rick Riordan in saying, “You might as well ask an artist to explain his art, or ask a poet to explain his poem. It defeats the purpose. The meaning is only clear thorough the search.”  Sometimes, you don’t have to do things for a purpose.  Sometimes, the purpose is just to be purposeless and ridiculous.  That’s such an incredibly hard lesson for people to learn though.  As adults, we often try to fool ourselves into thinking that we don’t need to have fun.  We try to act like it is beneath us, like it is for children only.  That’s such a sad way to live though.  I can honestly tell you that I don’t care if people think I’m immature.  I’d have another paint war any day!  Fun is what keeps us young.  More importantly, fun is what keeps us human.  So remember to seize those little moments of silly hilarity every chance you get!  They may not be the brightest, biggest paintings in our lives, but they ARE the tiny blotches and flecks that everyone always notices…and that no one ever forgets…
Sincerely Yours,
The Butcher of the Bard
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4 Responses to Only Clear Through the Search

  1. Oh my god! I cried a little…that is one of my favorite memories too! Dude remember the glob of paint that ended up on the carpet? Man that was so much fun…which leads me to a proposition of sorts…soooo if me and Richard get a house or whenever down the line we do buy a house you have to come out for a weekend or whatever and we are gonna have Richard take the kids somewhere and we are totally painting every room…we can even mix some colors for the baseboards! I think I’d love to live in a house filled with our adventures all over the walls…and now that we are older I bet we can do something really awesome for the girls rooms…what do you say my partner in painting crime? I love you and this post just absolutely made my day.

    • Oh my gosh!!! The GLOB!!!! Epic. That is all.

      I’m so there!!! Just let me know when and where!! Imagine all the fantastic rainbows we can end up colored in!!! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed remembering with me…it was so much fun to think about 😉

      …and I love you too of course!!!

  2. We should start picking out colors we have to do something really awesome for the girls rooms they’ve never been able to have anything where we could really decorate…

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