Never a Consummation

Today, you hold freedom in the palm of your hand.

Ok, so I fully and freely admit to being a patriot in the worst–and most wonderful!–way.  You know, I’m one of those people:

  • I’m the annoying chick at the red light blaring country music loud enough to drown out the thumping shit you call music.  But hey, the KAT is playing Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue!  How can you not shout along with Toby?!
  • I’m the owner of that beat-up Pontiac you’re afraid to park your BMW next to at Raley’s.  You might think that duct-taped windows and a couple of dents are contagious, but I prefer to think of them as battle scars.  Do you see that tiny one there on the back bumper?  That was made by a teenager who drove her Lexus into my car in the parking lot at school.  After the skirmish, her bumper was in danger of falling off.  And yes, that does make me smug enough to park with pride wherever I want to.
  • I’m the geeky blonde in the red, gypsy skirt you mistakenly thought about chatting up at Chevron today…I hope the lecture was worth it.  Honestly though, how can you call yourself an American and not know the significance of July 4th, 1776??!!…The end of the Civil War indeed! Hmph!!
  • I’m that friend.  You know, the one who keeps you on the phone until 2AM in a “civil discussion” about politics that can only end in one of two ways: a heated draw brought on by sleep-deprivation…or World War III…Bet you regret opening that can now don’t you?

And yes, I’m also the one who insisted on putting patriotic quotes on the Reader Board for the entire month of July.  That’s not entirely my fault either though…I mean, Holiday Inn did tell me to Stay Real

Anyway, the selection for today:

“The American Revolution was a beginning, not a consummation.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

Admittedly, Woodrow Wilson was–in my opinion–a certifiable moron.  He was also a racist bastard, and normally I don’t agree with a word he said or a thing he did while in office.  (While this quote could be his one redeeming moment, I’m holding out hope that such intelligence didn’t actually come from him.  I searched on google for AGES trying to figure out when he said it and in what context, to no avail.  I prefer to think this means he didn’t.  Please don’t disillusion me.)  Having said that, I found myself thinking that it is certainly worth thinking about on the celebration of our Independence.

The American Revolution was never about winning freedom; it was about winning the ability to fight for freedom.  It was about having the legal right to fight and work for life, liberty, and the pursuit of all of those things that make the United States such an incredible country.  Ultimately, I guess it was really about fighting for the right to be productive, to have a say in your own fate for better or for worse.  Freedom has never been a right…it’s a responsibility…

I think we often lose sight of that.  We forget that while all of the things that comprise the Great American life are waiting for us, we still have to reach out and grab them.  No one is going to hand them to us.  They’re not cheap prizes in a greasy Happy Meal box.  They’re something to work for–all things worth having are.

So don’t wait for them anymore for heaven’s sake!  Our Independence was just the beginning of a race that has no consummation.  It’s passing you by as you sit placidly on the sidelines watching the lives of other people fly by when you should be living your own.  You have to be the one to run your own destiny.  On this day in 1776, you were given more than the just the right to have the freedom to dream; you were also given the responsibility to chase it…

Be safe and be free!

Sincerely Yours,

The Butcher of the Bard

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