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Holy Jolokia

The bhut jolokia is the hottest pepper in the world, coming in at an astounding 1,075,000 SHU. It is literally more than 134 times hotter than the hottest jalapeno peppers!!!  This pepper is only grown in a handful of places … Continue reading

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A Pound of Flesh

It’s truly amazing the difference one pound can make.  I’ve been on an eclectic combination of diets and exercise regimes for ages now, but I’ve only really been actively trying to lost weight since May.  Since then, I have been … Continue reading

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In Memory of Emma Grace Vargas

I had my heart broken today by a beautiful little girl who was clearly the light of every life that knew her.  And, after today, I only wish that I could have counted myself among that number…

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Jorge Cruise’s Home-Style Meatloaf

Here’s the meatloaf recipe for you Vicki! This meatloaf is absolutely amazing.  It turns out very moist and flavorful.  Plus, it makes for killer meatloaf sandwiches the next day.   The only problem with it is that it does crumble … Continue reading

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The Sock the Dryer Ate

I love socks.  No really, I do.  They’re fantastic.  (Don’t look at me that way!)  I’m the kind of girl who can spend hours–and way too much money!–browsing the racks of The Sock Market.  I don’t care if it’s weird … Continue reading

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Never a Consummation

Ok, so I fully and freely admit to being a patriot in the worst–and most wonderful!–way.  You know, I’m one of those people:

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A Catholic, a Mennonite, and a Lutheran Walk into a Bar…

…Ok, so it wasn’t a bar–it was a hotel.  And there admittedly wasn’t much walking going on–more like none actually.  In all fairness though, it was the hotel I work at and who wants to get all sweaty and nasty … Continue reading

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